Cleo kept looking at me with a funny stare today. I could see it in here eyes…lets go to the golf course. She stared me into it. Off we went. My back seat driver couldn’t wait to get there.

On our way.

Golf course slobber slobber…

Off to the bunker again. Dont tell Kurt I forgot to rake this time.

Cleo in the bunnker.

Cleo bunker running again!

We didn’t find too much damage. A few small limbs but nothing major.

Cleo checing out the tree damage

Cleo checking out the tree damage.

I am trying to teach her to find Titleist Pro V1 balls.

Cleo searching for V1s.

Cleo searching for V1s.

I see that V1 but better not cross the lateral hazard.

I see that V1 but better not cross the lateral hazard.

A little water and back home.

What a day.

Cant wait to get back. I can find more golf balls than Sqarehead and Gumby combined.

We should be open tomorrow 1/15 without any issues except a little soggy.





18 green thawing out.

We will be back up and running tomorrow. The snow and ice are primarily gone. There will be some in the north facing shady areas. A little left on #1 and #10 greens. Not bad though. 60’s on Wednesday!

I brought Cleo back out today to check on the course again. Check out the pictures from today. A lot more clear than yesterday. Cleo was having a blast again. She doesn’t understand that we don’t run in the bunkers. I cleaned up after her at #18 left green side bunker.  I better not get her out around the bunkers. She will quickly realize running in them will keep me busy with the rake. I think she would enjoy making me rake bunkers behind her.

18 fairway on January 8th

18 fairway clearing up on January 8th.



Cleo laughing at me as she exits the bunker at 18 green.

18 green thawing out.

18 green clearing up enough to play on.

Practice green finally thawed out.

The practice green looking good after the snow and ice.

I love Cleo.

Cleo, my chocolate lab, came to the course with me this afternoon to check on the possibility of opening tomorrow.  She had a blast. I love her. I wanted to check the coverage of snow and ice on the greens. She wanted to slide on them. So much fun! 

We will still be closed tomorrow as we had significant snow and ice coverage on the greens still. Tomorrows temps should allow for us to open on Monday and definitely for the golf temps coming mid-week. Get a jump start and book your time on the website or call us Monday at the pro shop. 417 237 7030

I love Cleo.

My chocolate lab, Cleo,enjoying the ice on the practice green today.