Carthage Golf Course users – we have a new way for you to get on the course and play when you don’t have time to play a full round, or it’s too late to make a full loop. The cool thing?  You PAY BY THE HOLE!  That’s right, instead of a flat rate that may not give you full value, you play as many or as few holes as you want, and only pay for what you play.
Everyday, within 3 hours of sunset, you may pay $3 per hole using . The golf cart is included in this price.
How does this work? Easy! Using your smartphone, open the browser and go to Bookmark it to your home screen – you will see the icon below.  (If you can’t figure this out, ask your kids or bring your phone to the golf shop.) Click the icon to sign up – you will only need to do this once.
You don’t need to reserve a tee time. In fact, no advance planning is needed with
Just check the app to make sure we are “Open” for before you come to the course.
It’s another option Carthage Golf Course offers to enjoy the great game of golf.
Pay by the hole – what a concept!