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2022 Events

Knights of Columbus / Fall Event

CMGA Net Championship

CarBrook Matches

Webb City Booster Club

CMGA Match Play

SMB Lifestyle

CMGA Family Scramble

L&P United Way

Kiwanis Club

CWEP Girls High School Invitational


Carthage Chamber of Commerce

CMGA Championship / Senior Championship

Joplin History & Museum

Route 66 Couples

CMGA One Man Scramble

CMGA 3 Club

Carthage Football Scramble

Red, White, and BOOM

Dan Armstrong Legacy Foundation

CMGA Net Match Play

CMGA Dick Mansfield Memorial

Marshall Dean Keller Memorial

Charlie 22 Outdoors

CMGA Alternate Shot

Home Builders Association

Carthage Rotary Club

Missouri Sports Charity

Knights of Columbus

High School AbbiAtti Invitational

Life Choices

CMGA 6-6-6

Big Brothers Big Sisters

CMGA Opening Day