Scotty Cameron Futura Putter Launch March 25th – 9 Hole Putting Contest with Prizes!

March 25th – Exclusive Cameron Showcase new product launch event!

10 AM – 2 PM Demo each one of the new Scotty Cameron Futura Putters!

We will have a nine hole course set up on the putting green. At each hole you will use a different Cameron Futura putter.

  • Low score wins two green fees!
  • Each participant will be put in a drawing for two additional green fees!

Special trade in values for your putter. 150% trade value from the Golfstix Valueguide listing for your putter.

10 am – 2 pm Carthage Golf Course

8 New Models

  • Futura 5W -Update to the X5 with multi-material face-sole technology.
  • Futura 5S – In response to Tour feedback, Scotty has created the straight-shafted 5S, similar to the 7M.
  • Futura 6M – High Tech, High MOI model with multi-material face-sole technology, similar to the putter Adam Scott is currently using.
  • Futura 6M Dual Balance – DB version of Futura 6M with same High Tech, High MOI with multi-material face-sole technology.
  • Futura 7M – Largest head shape of the Futura family. Update of the X7M.
  • Futura CB –  Rounded cavity back mid-mallet with multi-material face-sole technology.
  • Futura MB – Rounded muscle back mid-mallet with multi-material face-sole technology.
  • Select Newport 3 – Small heel shafted mallet, similar to a cross between a Del Mar and GoLo3.


FUTURA MODEL OVERVIEW: The new Futura models are identified by shape and size using a 5, 6 and 7 numbering system. Higher numbers indicate larger sizes:

  • Futura 5CB and Futura 5MB are elegant, rounded mid-mallets that blend Scotty’s decades long design aesthetic that a putter “should melt into the ground” with multi-material face-sole technology. Classic meets modern with the Futura 5CB, a rounded “cavity back” with face-sole technology, a pop-through black anodized 6061 aircraft aluminum flange plate and single milled sight line on the topline. Futura 5MB features an elegant “muscle back” design with face-sole technology, a refined, rounded 303 stainless steel back flange and a single milled sight line.
  • Futura 5W and Futura 5S improve upon the popular aspects of the prior generation Futura X5 and Futura X7M models, respectively. The Futura 5W (“W” for “wing”) is a modern wingback mallet with a full wrap-around multi-material face-sole. Enhanced dual-purpose alignment features frame the ball and align to the sweet spot with white flange lines placed parallel to each wing. Futura 5S (“S” for “straight shaft”) features a pop-through “bar back” design that moves weight farther behind the putter face for higher MOI, along with a straight shaft setup inspired by tour feedback. Dual-purpose alignment frames the ball and aligns to the sweet spot. The 5S is similar in shape to the Futura 7M but in the more compact “5” size.
  • Inspired by Scotty’s extensive work with Adam Scott, the Futura 6M (“M” for “MOI”) introduces the best MOI-enhancing traits of the original Futura X model in conjunction with design cues expressed in the Futura X7M, combining a pop-through “bar back” design with deep heel-toe weights for the ultimate in forgiveness and resistance to twisting at impact. Dual-purpose alignment frames the ball and aligns to the sweet spot. A new Futura 6M Dual Balance model is also available for those players who need maximum stability in their stroke. Like all Dual Balance models, the Futura 6M DB has a 50-gram heavier head and a 50-gram counterweight in the grip end of the shaft.
  • The Futura 7M improves upon the Futura X7M with refined shaping of the back wings, including the stainless steel “bar back” that moves weight behind the putter face for added forgiveness. Dual-purpose alignment frames the ball and aligns to the sweet spot. The 7M is similar in shape to the Futura 5S but in the larger “7” size.
  • Left-Handed options will be available in the Futura 5CB and Futura 6M models.

Each new Futura putter features advanced stability weighting with two removable, customizable stainless steel sole weights, stepless steel shafts and supple Black Matador Mid-size grips with red and gold accents (Futura 6M DB employs a 15-inch Dual Balance grip) developed to offer the comfort of a larger grip while maintaining responsiveness and feel.

MODERN AESTHETICS: Scotty gave the Futura line’s raw stainless steel surfaces a Silver Mist finish with a unique bead blast for a radiant yet glare-resistant appearance. All aluminum sole plates have been anodized in black. Additionally, the Tour-inspired cosmetics display the familiar three bright translucent red dots in the back cavity with engraved typography befitting this modern, high-performance line.

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