Griff’s Golf Academy: First Tee Jitters

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As Carthage Golf Course continues to be an outlet for golf recreation, we are committed to the safety of our staff and players coming out to Carthage Golf Course. We are adopting additional procedures to make sure everyone at our facility is as safe as possible in regards to COVID-19.

Starting on Saturday, March 28th there are some new procedures that will be put in place.

All golfers must ride in carts individually.

The following is a sign you will see near the first tee. This sign is used to help practice social distancing. It allows groups to stay farther apart when waiting to tee off for the day.
There will be a sign on each cart that looks like the following. We ask that you please take this sign off the golf cart and dispose of it when you first use the golf cart. It lets staff and all players know if it has been sanitized since last use.

Starting on Monday, March 30th, Carthage Golf Course will only be accepting debit/credit cards. No cash will taken under any circumstances.

We apologize for the inconvenience of these procedures, we want to ensure that our staff, and customers stay safe during this time.


Are you looking to improve your golf game? Getting a club fitting and lessons from Tyler Markham is your next step to achieve your golf goals for 2020!


I am the Assistant Golf Professional at Carthage Golf Course. I’m a certified club fitter in Ping, Titleist, and Callaway.  I believe getting fit is very important and can improve your game. I work with Ping, Titleist, and Callaway technicians to stay up to date on their new products so I can assure you that you get the correct fit for your swing. Along with club fittings, I also give players of all ages and abilities the opportunity to dial in your swing giving individual lessons.

Club Fittings with Tyler

Within a club fitting, I will use our FlightScope Xi technology to look at your swing. This will give all the data needed to get the correct clubs in your bag. From grip and club type, to spin rate and launch angle, I will look at everything necessary to ensure you get the clubs that match your swing perfectly. A club fitting is not just about getting new clubs. Having the right clubs for you can make you feel more confident in your game resulting in better scores. Getting fit should be your next step if you’re serious about progressing in your golf game.

Lessons with Tyler

I provide private instruction to any player out there looking to improve their game. Whether it be long shots, chipping, putting, or those yardages you dread seeing when you play, I aim to dial in every part of your game that needs help. Video applications, FlightScope Monitors, and various training aids are all a part of my tools that I will use to not only help you improve your swing, but also to help you understand your swing. It is important that the basic fundamentals of a golf swing like grip, stance, and posture, are established before going into depth of a golf swing. This allows a player to improve at the correct pace, and not getting overloaded with information.

Talk to Tyler and Start Improving your Game

All in all, I want to fit players for clubs because I believe that every player can benefit from custom fit clubs. Having the right clubs is crucial to your golf game and a great way to lower scores. I take pride in my lessons and do whatever I can with the tools and knowledge I have to improve your swing and help you shoot better scores on the golf course. Schedule your Club Fitting or lessons so you can start this year’s golf season off right!

Carthage Golf Shop – (417) 237 – 7030

We are happy to be open for play during a stressful time. We wish to continue to be an outlet for golf recreation. With that being said, here are some changes that you will see during this time at Carthage Golf Course
  • The clubhouse/Pro Shop will be closed to the public.
  • Check In/Payments will be taken through window on the west side of the building.
  • Golf Carts will be thoroughly disinfected prior to and after golfer use.
  • There will be no water coolers, or ball washers on the course.
  • We ask that you leave the flag stick in the cups, there will be a plastic insert that will allow the ball to rest close to the surface of the green to pick up.
  • There will be no holes cut on the practice green at this time.

Carthage Golf Course is open for play through the normal tee time procedures. Events will be restricted through 4/31/2020. Events originally scheduled in April will be rescheduled to a later date. Those dates are TBD.

Thank you for understanding these procedures as we are taking extra precaution regarding COVID-19.

Griff’s Golf Academy: Practice Like You Play

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Getting Fit for Clubs was the Best Decision I Made as a Golfer




My name is Tyler Markham, and a few years ago I was getting serious with my golf game. With that being said, I knew that getting custom fit clubs was a must. Even though the clubs I had at the time worked just fine, I could have a huge advantage of playing clubs that were fit for my swing. What I didn’t know, was how much it would positively affect my golf game.

Before the Club Fitting

As my golf game progressed, I knew it was time to make key decisions in my career. One of those decisions was over the topic of Club Fittings, and if I should get one myself or not. I had talked to great golfers around the area who had been fit in the past and asked them about their experience with the process. Most of them mentioned how much it helped them improve. Others would tell me that having custom fit clubs was a must for any golfer looking to improve. Everything considered I decided I would get fit so I could maximize my potential within my golf game.


Results from the Club Fitting

The first time I hit my new clubs, I was in shock. After a few practice sessions I was amazed by the amount of yardage I gained, the amount of control I had, and how comfortable I felt hitting them. Aside from gaining distance and control, I had a lot more confidence within myself knowing I had the correct clubs in my bag. At that point, I knew getting fit was a great decision for me. Now I could focus solely on my swing, and not worry about my equipment. This allowed for more dedicated time on the fundamentals of my swing rather than overcompensating for clubs that didn’t fit me correctly.


Looking Back

As I look back, getting fit for clubs has helped my golf game in numerous ways. I am more confident, I have gained distance and control, and feel more comfortable with my game. I am still improving on my game and always will be. Although, having the correct equipment in my bag is a top factor in playing golf to the best of my ability. I am grateful I had the opportunity to get fit and if you want to lower your scores, I recommend taking the same path as me and getting fit for your own custom clubs.

Griff’s Golf Academy: Practice Set-Up

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New Club Fitting Equipment is Here!

Callaway has released top of the line product for 2o20

Distance That Defines Convention


It’s a new year! With that being said, Callaway is releasing their new Mavrik lineup for 2020. There are numerous benefits that come with the Callaway Mavriks.

Faster Ball Speed. More Forgiveness. Better Control of your Golf Ball. 

Callaway Mavrik Drivers

Callaway offers a wide range of options for their new clubs to insure every golfer can benefit from using the 2020 Mavrik line up. The Mavrik Drivers have all new aerodynamics of the head that reduces drag for faster ball speeds. New face architecture that is made for optimal speed, forgiveness, and reduces twisting of the club face at impact. Callaway’s Mavrik drivers are clubs that players of all ability’s can benefit from. They offer several different set ups and options to insure every player will find the right club for them.

The Mavrik line up consists of –

Standard – Fastest Driver

Max – Easiest to Hit Driver

Sub Zero – Combination of Low Spin and High MOI



Callaway Mavrik Irons

Callaway Mavrik Irons are designed by AI technology for amazing feel, and longer, yet consistent distance.

The AI technology allowed Callaway to be precise with each iron produced. With that being said you can expect to see a boost in ball speed with the long irons. In the mid irons they aimed to optimize speed and spin control. Lastly, the scoring clubs which would be short irons, are made to control spin and launch. They have also positioned the center of gravity to optimize launch conditions for each individual iron.


Callaway Jaws Wedges

In addition to the Mavrik, Callaway introduced the most intense grooves on a wedge to improve your short game… The new Callaway MD5 Jaws!

The Jaws wedges are the most intense grooves made on a Callaway wedge yet. Aiming to maximize spin control on wedge shots. This will be the best wedge to put in your bag to improve your short game!








The Power of  a Fairway Wood now Lives in a Hybrid… Introducing the Super Hybrid

The Super Hybrid is aimed to deliver the distance and feel of a fairway wood, but in a hybrid. Callaway’s high strength titanium face allows for fast ball speeds with optimized spin and trajectory.


Come out and see Tyler Markham, Carthage Golf Course’s certified club fitter to get the all new Callaway Mavrik lineup in your bag so you’ll be ready for this years season of golf!

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Terms and Conditions of Membership: Membership benefits and/or rates may not be combined with any other offer, discount, promotion or special. Membership requires a commitment from time of purchase through October 31st, 2020. Membership is $100 per month if purchased before May 1st, 2020. Starting May 1st, 2020 membership will be $ 120 per month. If you elect to cancel your membership for any reason during the above dates, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $150, regardless of payment method. If membership is paid in full through October 31st, 2020 and you elect to cancel your membership before said date, no refunds will be issued. After October 31st, 2020, students will have the option to continue their membership on a month to month basis and may be canceled by either party with 30 days’ notice. If student chooses to cancel membership after October 31st, 2020 there will be no cancelation fee applied. This is a 2020 program and members have no guarantee of renewal on the same terms and conditions for the following year.