54th Annual Carthage Junior Golf Tournament

Do you remember playing in junior golf tournaments growing up? I played in several. My favorite was always trying to qualify for the Optimist National Championship. The first tee was the most frightening experience ever at the time… Below is how I would prepare.

Day/Night before –

  1. Play 18 holes with my brother. He was the best competition around.
  2. Go to range and hit balls. You can really dial it in when you are trying to hit the range picker as it is moving. Difficult to work on alignment…just a feel thing.
  3. Wash clubs and grips trying to get all of the dirt and rust off so you could read Sam Snead Blue Ridge on them. Those leather grips were a doozy to keep nice. They had a big build up of spray stickum on them that would eventually turn rock hard.
  4. Clean shoes. Back then my golf shoes had that big flap thing over the laces. We need that style back!
  5. Look for better golf balls then the ones I had. I would go to Edgewood GC located right along the Red River in Fargo, ND.  My brother and I would try to find the best ProStaff balls we could.
  6. Get a good night sleep. I would grab the Austad’s catalog and circle all of the golf items I wanted. Wilson Tour Block woods and Titleist Tour Model irons. I would circle the Jones bag I had my eye on and the big fuzzy head covers. I would zonk out dreaming of the FJ shoes with the fancy toe designs and the extra steel spike in the middle of them.

The morning of the tournament.

  1. Eat breakfast with my brother while talking trash.
  2. Pray for a good pairing.
  3. Warm up at the range always finishing with a cut driver. The same shot the needed to be hit off the first tee.
  4. Shake hands with other 12 year olds in that awkward way of youth hand shakes.
  5. Butterflies…hoping not to top that first tee ball.

Crazy thing…. we would get off the first tee and start playing. All of the nervousness would go away. We would play and have a blast. We would talk about what time we were going to ride our bikes to the muni pool in the afternoon. We would talk about our baseball team and the game we had that night. All those nerves would go away pretty fast after that first tee ball.

I wonder if the kids who played in the 54th Annual Carthage Junior Golf Tournament had the same routine. Check out their awesome scores.

Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to our winners!

Here is a list of the full results from the tournament.

Boys 16-18
Clayton Kaiser, Monett 36-38–74
Logan Bradley, Springdale 31-44–75
Bailey Burden, Aurora 38-37–75
Aj Musche, Carthage 36-40–76
Lucas Ogden, Springfield 37-44–81
Kip Roland, Lamar 39-43–82
Tyler Markham, Carl Junction 39-44–83
Adam Cunnyngham, Galena 41-42–83
Grant Trent, Carthage 37-47–84
Peyton Blake, Ozark 40-44–84
Joel Martin, Joplin 41-44–85
John Snider, Springfield 42-44–86
Austin Meyers, Springfield 41-46–87
Issac Dodson, Cassville 41-46–87
Payton Williams, Carthage 38-49–87
Trevor Graham, Pittsburg 44-43–87
Ty Gary, Carthage 46-43–89
Roy Snider, Lockwood 44-46–90
Caleb Long, Monett 42-50–92
Joshua Carlson, Springfield 50-48–98
Tyler Wimsatt, Mount Vernon 52-47–99
Chase Shipley, Springfield 48-55–103


Boys 13-15
Adam Floyd, Springfield 36-39–75
Nick Woodhouse, Rogers 37-44–81
Nathan Ogden, Webb City 36-45–81
Owen Swearingen, Nevada 39-43–82
Reese Fyfe, Lockwood 42-41–83
Christian Cooper, Chestnutridge 37-46–83
Fielding Campbell, Joplin 39-44–83
Robbie Sager, Carthage 38-46–84
Kolby Hosp, Republic 44-43–87
Sam Stack, Springfield 45-45–90
Kanon Gipson, Rogersville 43-48–91
Carson Frazier, Joplin 43-59–102
Aiden Farrar, Nixa 50-54–104
Chase Andrews, Carthage 50-56–106
Grant Riley, Springfield 52-54–106


Boys 10-12
Max Bowman, Springfield 39—39
Jaxon Bailey, Monett 39—39
Benjamin Roche Jr., Rogersville 42—42
Zachary Naugle, Nixa 42—42
Owen Buerke, Springfield 44—44
Stewart McDonald, Rogersville 50—50
Levi Royer, Reeds 55—55
Cole Watts, Shell Knob 55—55
Noah Naugle, Nixa 56—56
Elijah Olson, Joplin 58—58


Boys 9u
Hudson Feuerbacher, Springfield 31—31
Bradley Thessing, nixa 36—36
Drew Tackett, Springfield 42—42
Connor Wagoner, Springfield 43—43

Girls 16-18
Anna Iorio, Joplin 36-38–74
Kylie Carnes, Carl Junction 37-37–74
Emma Oathout, Webb City 37-40–77
Kimberly Sager, Carthage 41-52–93
Kaitlyn Gilliland, Joplin 43-50–93
Madison Soetaert, Mount Vernon 47-51–98
Rylea Smith, Republic 45-55–100
Grace Palmer, Nevada 50-55–105
Brooklyn Sargent, Nevada 60-56–116


Girls 13-15
Jenna Teeter, Carl Junction 39-43–82
Elizabeth Freeman, Ozark 46-47–93
Sara Golden, Carthage 44-53–97
Sarah Oathout, Springfield 50-60–110
Ashtyn Murray, Webb City 60-69–129


Girls 10-12
Emree Cameron, Nevada 45—45
Mia Farrar, Nixa 51—51
Savannah Thessing, Nixa 56—56
Marlee Edgeman, Marshfield 58—58


Girls 9u
Page Bowman, Springfield 35—35
Sophia Harnar, Springfield 39—39
Kaylee Luebbering, Verona 41—41
Alexis Luebbering, Verona 44—44