58th Annual Carthage Junior Championship

Today we held our 58th Annual Carthage Junior Championship!

We had 74 junior golfers from ages 8-18 competing in this event! We had 9&u groups, 10-12 groups, 13-15 groups, and 16-18 groups.

Congratulations to everyone who placed first place in their division! You can view the full leaderboard by clicking HERE!

Girls 9&U 1st place – Harper Williams

Boys 9&U 1st place – Palmer Owens

Girls 10-12 1st place – Phoebe Lin

Boys 10-12 1st place – Max Albers

Girls 13-15 1st place – Shay Gaddis

Boys 13-15 1st place – Aaron Stevenson

Girls 16-18 1st place – Josey Roberts

Boys 16-18 1st place – Kyle Fitzpatrick

We hope to see everyone for next years Carthage Junior Golf Tournament!