Assess your golf game and get ready to improve! Taylor Griffith, PGA

We all want to get better at golf. You need a real starting point and obtainable goals. I want to determine where you are now with your golf game and I want to coach you on the path to fulfilling your golf goals.

Fill out this questionnaire Golf Game Survey. I will follow up with an email and information to help get us started.

We start with a skills assessment!

Skills Assessment – $80 The skills assessment I have designed is a way for us to take a closer look at where your golf game is now. We will use FlightScope launch monitor technology and video to help determine strengths and weaknesses in your game. The assessment of shots in full swing, partial swing, short game, and putting will be analyzed to build a game plan to meet your goals.

Step one will be at the practice facility using FlightScope to track Shot Dispersion, Shot Shape, Carry Distance as well as Total Distance in the skills assessment shot matrix. The matrix will include shots from 60, 80, 100, 125, 150, 175 and 200 yards as well as the Driver. The matrix distances could be different based on your initial club speed and ball speed. This will give us a baseline to start analyzing your game.

The second step is video analysis of your full swing mechanics. We will take down the line and face on video to help recognize the best components of your ball striking and determine what we need to build on to meet your goals.

The third step will have us hitting multiple chip and pitch shots in the short game practice area. The short game shots I have put together for this assessment will define solid and weak parts of this critical scoring area.

The fourth step will be a putting assessment. We will be rolling putts from short, mid and long range to best assess how your putting impacts your scoring ability.

The last step is a review of the data. We will sit down with data, summarize our findings and develop a plan of action that will address your goals and how to achieve them. I will follow up with an email outlining our findings and plan.

The skills assessment is a great opportunity for every golfer to see where their game is at. This could be at the start of the season, or even as a midseason checkup. Everybody has a different goal for their game. It could be breaking a score threshold of 100, 90, 80, 70 or it could be competing at the next level. Junior golf to high school, high school to college, college to developmental tours and so on. The important part to obtaining our goal is to have a plan and implement it.

Instruction Packages

There is no obligation to purchase a lesson package but if you choose to do so after the assessment, the $80 will be credited towards that package. I will asses your game, create a plan and be your coach through the process. I will help you become a better player and meet your goals.


Taylor Griffith

PGA Teaching Professional

Carthage Golf Course


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