I can’t spin it anymore…what’s wrong?




A few things could keep you from getting spin on the ball. 

  • Poor contact…probably not though. We all practice too much for that to happen.
  • Dirt in the grooves…wrong again. We all diligently clean our clubs after each shot.
  • Poorly fit wedges. The wrong bounce and grind could have some impact on the contact you make with your wedges. Get fit for sure.
  • Worn out grooves. 75 rounds may be the magic number to replace wedges with some fresh grooves.

I think most of us know the main reason we don’t spin the ball is from poor contact. I also see a lot of dirty grooves while I am working with students on their short game. Keep them clean and keep them dry prior to a shot. lets throw those factors out the window though. They are manageable variables in getting the ball to stop. If your wedges are poorly fit or you have more than 75 rounds on them in might be time to replace those wedges.

Left is fresh…right is 75 rounds. I’d like to make that spot in the middle.

If you decide its time to replace the old for some new wedges then let’s get you fit as well. At Carthage Golf Course we have all of the resources to fit you correctly for wedges and give you an opportunity to use the different loft, grinds and bounce angles in a practice session or on the course. We have a dozen demo/fitting wedges to dial in the right one for you. We have Pro V1 practice balls to use in a fitting and for your trial use of the correctly fit wedge. Maybe you just want to come and try several out at our short game practice green. Take the bag of wedges and the shag bag of V1’s and give them a go.

When you are ready to make the move to new wedges let’s do it right!

Mark Peterson, PGA

Carthage Golf Course


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