CarBrook – Congratulations Carthage Men’s Golf Association!

The CarBrook matches were held the weekend of October 13th and 14th this year. The CarBrook matches are a friendly match between the Carthage Men’s Golf Association and the Men of Briarbrook. The teams are determined by qualifying through the respective Club Championships each year. Previous years had the matches being played both days at one site. This year the first day of Four Ball matches were held at Briarbrook and the second day Singles matches were held at Carthage. Next year Carthage will have the Four Ball matches and Briarbrook will have the Singles matches.

Our CMGA members participating had a blast. The weather was a little sour but that did not take away from the fun friendly competition had by all.


Four Ball Matches – Briarbrook 10/13

Carthage Seniors                                 Briarbrook Seniors

Karl Moorhead / Rob Ward    1up    VS          Roger Bruder / Mike Moudy

Jerry Ralston / Dave Newby 3&2      VS          Jim Hackney / Derek Skaggs

Steve LaRue / John Zamouski 5&4   VS          Mike Rogers / Buzz Ball

Rob Harmon / Brian Hayden Halved VS          Doug Harvey / Frank Jacobs

Jerry Sirmans / Scott Hartley 5&4      VS          Keith Phillips / Craig Kersey

Steve Hoenshell / Gene Smith 2up     VS          Les Taylor / Terry Key

Carthage 5.5                                                      Briarbrook .5


Carthage Regular                                  Briarbrook Regulars

Doug Gaddis / Richard Hayes  2&1      VS         John Klute / Kevin Carey

Chance Lowery / Jeff Derryberry 4&3   VS         Chris Landes / Bill Albright

Dustin Edge / Dustin Johnson 1 up       VS         Randy Brownlow / Rich Castillo

Erin Campbell / Matt Otey  3&2            VS         Andy Pochik / Randy Williams

Kyle Catron / Justin Sullivan 1 up          VS          Troy Salchow / Tyler Markham

Jordan Burks / John Goodman 1 up      VS          Mark Bruder / Tim Old

Carthage 6                                                           Briarbrook 0


Singles Matches – Carthage 10/14

Carthage Seniors                    Briarbrook Seniors

Jerry Ralston        5&4 1 VS               Roger Bruder

Dave Newby        4&3 1 VS               Derek Skaggs

Steve LaRue           AS .5 VS               Jim Hackney AS .5

John Zamouski     7&5 1 VS              Mike Moudy

Karl Moorhead     2 UP 1 VS              Craig Kersey

Brian Hayden       4&3 1 VS              Keith Phillips

Rob Harmon        2&1 1 VS              Frank Jacobs

Gene Smith          6&5 1 VS              Larry Cowger

Steve Hoenshell              VS              Terry Key 1 Up 1

Scott Hartley        2 UP 1 VS              Doug Harvey

Jerry Sirmans        6&5 1 VS               Mike Rogers

Rob Ward              3&2 1 VS              Buzz Ball

Carthage 10.5                                      Briarbrook 1.5


Carthage Regular                   Briarbrook Regular

Jordan Burks                    VS            Mark Bruder 6&5 1

Doug Gaddis                    VS           Tim Old 4&3 1

Jeff Derryberry       4&2 1 VS           Rich Castillo

Chance Lowery                 VS           Randy Brownlow 4&2 1

Matt Otey               7&6 1 VS          Troy Salchow

Erin Campbell         8&6 1 VS          Tyler Markham

Justin Sullivan        2 Up 1 VS          Chris Landes

Kyle Catron             5&4 1 VS          Bill Albright

Dustin Edge            7&6 1 VS          Andy Pochik

Dustin Johnson        2UP 1 VS         Randy Williams

Richard Hayes                    VS          John Klute 2up 1

John Goodman                   VS         Kevin Carey 3&2 1

Carthage 7                                         Briarbrook 5


Carthage 29                 Briarbrook 7