CMGA Opening Day Scramble was a Blast!

Thank you very much to the CMGA Members that made it out to the 2018 Opening Day Breakfast and Scramble. We had 72 players on Saturday creating 18 man teams. We have close to 90 CMGA Members to start the year. We are well on our way to a great CMGA year! 

We had wonderful fellowship and a great breakfast in the morning followed by the 9:00 AM shotgun start Four Man Scramble. We had a twist to preparing the teams this year. We had a drawing for teams. Players were put into one of the four player pools and drawn to create teams.  Below are the results.

CMGA Opening Day


Carthage Golf Course

1st Jeff Derryberry 62 — $300 Per Team/$75 Per Man Pro Shop Merchandise Credit

Jim Gourley

Steve Larue

Dave Newby

2nd Dustin Borland 62 — $240 Per Team/$60.00 Per Man

Wayne Lowery

Rick Payne

Jerry Ralston

3rd Larry Buckmaster 62 — $200.00 Per Team/$50.00 Per Man

Mike Fornelli

Johnny Murray

Gene Smith


4th Lowell Catron 62 — $160.00 Per Team/$40.00 Per Man

Tim Johnson

Tom Mourning

Bernie Price

5th Glen Borland 63 — $120.00 Per Team/$30.00 Per Man

Brian Hayden

Steve Johnson

Matt Otey

6th Harlen Block 64 — $100.00 Per Team/$25.00 Per Man

Bob Hamm

Claude Howard

Steve Swearengen

7th Jerry Gaddis 64 — $80.00 Per Team/$20.00 Per Man

Carl Green

Ryan Knell

Karl Moorhead


CTP  —  Prizes – Carthage Logo Titleist Ball Marker Cap 

3 Scott Hartley

6 Scott Hartley

8 Jerry Gaddis

12 Rick Payne

17 Todd Banes