Dick Mansfield Memorial Tournament – Supporting the Carthage High School Golf Programs


The Carthage community has always displayed tremendous passion for high school activities. They have done a fabulous job supporting junior golf and high school golf through the Dick Mansfield Memorial Golf Tournament. The Two Person Scramble Golf Tournament is the primary fundraising event for the girls and boys golf programs at Carthage High School. Coach Lowell Catron and his players are proud of the event and appreciative of the funds contributing to the golf programs. 

The teams have had tremendous success over the years. Coach Catron and his teams have many Conference Championships, District Championships, Sectional Qualifiers and State Qualifiers. Coach Catron puts a tremendous amount of work into his teams. They focus on score! Coach Catron does a wonderful job and players learn valuable skills under his guidance. Not just golf skills. Coach Catron teaches some valuable life skills as well. We are fortunate to have Coach Catron working with the high school golfers in Carthage.

The funds from the 2018 Dick Mansfield Tournament will support the boys and girls high school programs at Carthage High School. The players have done all of the fundraising for the 2018 event. They did a great job raising over $10,000 in 2017. These funds go toward team apparel, team gear, shoes, instructional equipment and the various expenses incurred traveling.

I am sure Dick Mansfield would be proud of the event his name is paired with. Please help us support Coach Catron and the Carthage Tiger Golf Programs. Sponsorships can be arranged through Coach Catron by calling 417 793 6451.

Print your entry form here and join the event!