Getting Fit for Clubs was the Best Decision I Made as a Golfer

Getting Fit for Clubs was the Best Decision I Made as a Golfer




My name is Tyler Markham, and a few years ago I was getting serious with my golf game. With that being said, I knew that getting custom fit clubs was a must. Even though the clubs I had at the time worked just fine, I could have a huge advantage of playing clubs that were fit for my swing. What I didn’t know, was how much it would positively affect my golf game.

Before the Club Fitting

As my golf game progressed, I knew it was time to make key decisions in my career. One of those decisions was over the topic of Club Fittings, and if I should get one myself or not. I had talked to great golfers around the area who had been fit in the past and asked them about their experience with the process. Most of them mentioned how much it helped them improve. Others would tell me that having custom fit clubs was a must for any golfer looking to improve. Everything considered I decided I would get fit so I could maximize my potential within my golf game.


Results from the Club Fitting

The first time I hit my new clubs, I was in shock. After a few practice sessions I was amazed by the amount of yardage I gained, the amount of control I had, and how comfortable I felt hitting them. Aside from gaining distance and control, I had a lot more confidence within myself knowing I had the correct clubs in my bag. At that point, I knew getting fit was a great decision for me. Now I could focus solely on my swing, and not worry about my equipment. This allowed for more dedicated time on the fundamentals of my swing rather than overcompensating for clubs that didn’t fit me correctly.


Looking Back

As I look back, getting fit for clubs has helped my golf game in numerous ways. I am more confident, I have gained distance and control, and feel more comfortable with my game. I am still improving on my game and always will be. Although, having the correct equipment in my bag is a top factor in playing golf to the best of my ability. I am grateful I had the opportunity to get fit and if you want to lower your scores, I recommend taking the same path as me and getting fit for your own custom clubs.