Masters Week….does it make you do anything different?

The Man!

Ten things I always do at some point during Master’s week each year.

10. Make predictions….In 2017 Philly Mick become the oldest winner of the Master’s!

9. Dream of playing number 15 from the same place Chip Beck was during the final round of 1993. Playing with Langer and 3 behind him, Beck decided to lay up with 236 to the front of the green. I am not criticizing Mr. Beck. I just remember falling to the ground shouting go for it, go for it after I saw the 9 iron come out of his bag!

8. Get the water boiling and make some egg salad sandwiches! Everybody talks about the pimento cheese sandwiches at Augusta but I fell in love with the egg salad sandwiches.

One fairway at a time just like this.

7. Think of Greg Norman. 6 stroke lead in 1996…turned into Faldo’s third green jacket.

6. Wonder how many Green Jackets Tiger Woods would have if he never left Butch Harmon and/or Hank Haney. I would assume around 8 to this point.

5. Get up early and stay up late watching the same highlights over and over and over…

I had goose bumps every time I saw them.

4. Keep the extra tab of open on my laptop.

3. Green beer…wait that is St. Patrick’s Day! Oh well green beer two times per year.

2. Turn my phone off on Sunday afternoon.

1. I get out this stack of pictures (around 200) in my office from 1998 and wish I was there again! These are few of my favorites.

Good friends at Augusta! John stuck with the camera.

John was volunteering to take over for Fluff.

If you are not watching the Masters then you better be out at Carthage Golf Course!