Never Three Putt

I was walking to the practice green the other day and this golfer I have never seen before finished #9 and walks toward #10 tee box. On his way he says, Hey Pro I have something to show you.  He asks me if I want to play better golf.  I said well….of course. He shows me four pills and explains each one just as the picture below informs. He says pick one! I thought for a long time. I don’t have all day Pro…trying to help you out here he says. I really wanted to go with C…. so if I have a 30 foot putt and hit it 15 feet by and know it is going in coming back….lots of side bets. I shouldn’t think that way….cant help it. Come on Pro pick it!

What would you do?

I choose but I can’t tell you which one I took. It wasn’t D. I considered it briefly….


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