We Thank Our Veterans!



Starting on November 11th, until November 15th, we let Veterans play a free round of golf at Carthage Golf Course.

Veterans are so important to us and the least we can do to give back is give them a free round of golf for their service. No matter the date, if you see a veteran you should always thank them for their service!

Throughout the week, we saw a lot of veterans come out and enjoy the golf course with their friends. Check out the list below to see everyone who came to Carthage to enjoy a day on the course!

Marine Corps – Neil Smith, Anthony Alred, Gary Vanmater, Clay Odel, John Wright.

National Guard – Jim Honey

Air Force – Danny Curry, Wayne Weber, Tony Martin, Doug Borcharot, Harry Kester, Jerry Sirmans, Jerry McDonald, Mark Cumming, Mike Sheffield, Jim Seitz, Terry Predl, Mike Hartner, Randy Brady, Larry Mcafee.

Navy – Ron Moore, Jerry Tibbetts, Mike Odaniel, Gary Billingsley, John Hammer, Doug Cavagnaro, Lee Williams, Randy Campbell, Allan Vandenberg, Bill Ames, Larry Carlson, Leonard Johnson, Jim Buffaloe, Terry Byrd, Billy Bothun.

Army – Mike Poiry, Rob Pritchard, Mark Parker, John Murray, Ed Martin, Greg Moore, Glen Borland, Steve Backus, Greg Eggers, Brandon English, Donald Henderson, Jim Suits, Dustin Johnson, Miguel Arevalo, Larry Broadwater, James Tinlenberg, Mark Maykoski, Rick Jones, Rick Stewart, Paul Houseman, Tanner Mcnutt, Preston Stone, Jacob White, Derek White, Tasha Creech, Devonte White.

We want to give a special thanks to not just to the Veterans who came to play, but everyone who has served our country!