2020 Club Fittings and Lessons with Tyler Markham

Are you looking to improve your golf game? Getting a club fitting and lessons from Tyler Markham is your next step to achieve your golf goals for 2020!


I am the Assistant Golf Professional at Carthage Golf Course. I’m a certified club fitter in Ping, Titleist, and Callaway.  I believe getting fit is very important and can improve your game. I work with Ping, Titleist, and Callaway technicians to stay up to date on their new products so I can assure you that you get the correct fit for your swing. Along with club fittings, I also give players of all ages and abilities the opportunity to dial in your swing giving individual lessons.

Club Fittings with Tyler

Within a club fitting, I will use our FlightScope Xi technology to look at your swing. This will give all the data needed to get the correct clubs in your bag. From grip and club type, to spin rate and launch angle, I will look at everything necessary to ensure you get the clubs that match your swing perfectly. A club fitting is not just about getting new clubs. Having the right clubs for you can make you feel more confident in your game resulting in better scores. Getting fit should be your next step if you’re serious about progressing in your golf game.

Lessons with Tyler

I provide private instruction to any player out there looking to improve their game. Whether it be long shots, chipping, putting, or those yardages you dread seeing when you play, I aim to dial in every part of your game that needs help. Video applications, FlightScope Monitors, and various training aids are all a part of my tools that I will use to not only help you improve your swing, but also to help you understand your swing. It is important that the basic fundamentals of a golf swing like grip, stance, and posture, are established before going into depth of a golf swing. This allows a player to improve at the correct pace, and not getting overloaded with information.

Talk to Tyler and Start Improving your Game

All in all, I want to fit players for clubs because I believe that every player can benefit from custom fit clubs. Having the right clubs is crucial to your golf game and a great way to lower scores. I take pride in my lessons and do whatever I can with the tools and knowledge I have to improve your swing and help you shoot better scores on the golf course. Schedule your Club Fitting or lessons so you can start this year’s golf season off right!

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