COVID-19 Updates at Carthage Golf Course

As Carthage Golf Course continues to be an outlet for golf recreation, we are committed to the safety of our staff and players coming out to Carthage Golf Course. We are adopting additional procedures to make sure everyone at our facility is as safe as possible in regards to COVID-19.

Starting on Saturday, March 28th there are some new procedures that will be put in place.

All golfers must ride in carts individually.

The following is a sign you will see near the first tee. This sign is used to help practice social distancing. It allows groups to stay farther apart when waiting to tee off for the day.
There will be a sign on each cart that looks like the following. We ask that you please take this sign off the golf cart and dispose of it when you first use the golf cart. It lets staff and all players know if it has been sanitized since last use.

Starting on Monday, March 30th, Carthage Golf Course will only be accepting debit/credit cards. No cash will taken under any circumstances.

We apologize for the inconvenience of these procedures, we want to ensure that our staff, and customers stay safe during this time.