Family Scramble

Cleo in the bunnker.

Thank you to all of the participants in the CMGA Family Scramble! The Carthage Men’s Golf Association has many good events each year. They have a lot of participation and appeal to different players for various reasons. Mainly just because they are fun and competitive. Heavy on the fun!

The Family Scramble is one of my favorites. Special to me because I have had the opportunity to play the event with most of the golfers in my family. I played with my dad this year! We shot 70 in the scramble format. That would not be our best effort but we had fun.

We started the event as a Father/Son format years ago. We changed the format to the Family Scramble when we noticed so many other combinations of relatives playing together at the golf course. Why not just make it a Family Scramble? If you are related you are eligible to be partners. This year we had father/son, father/daughter, husband/wife, uncle/nephew, father in law/son in law, cousins, brothers and I am sure a few I am missing. A lot of fun.

If you haven’t been playing the event dig a little deeper into the family pool. I love family golf! The picture to the right is not from the Family Scramble. It is my brother and I after playing a round in the early 80’s. He still had hair then and I want that visor back! We had lots of family golf activity growing up.  I would try playing with my dog, Cleo, but she wont stay out of the hazards.


Check out all of the results here!

CMGA Family Scramble


Carthage Golf Course

Champ Flight

1st Gary Borland/Pam Borland 58

2nd Steve Watts/Rebecca Haines 60

3rd Jordan Burks/Sammy Burks 60

4th Brian Whittle/Mark Whittle 61

5th Kyle Catron/Lowell Catron 62


A Flight

1st Austin Bunnell/Harold Smart 70

2nd Tom Waggoner/Brandon Williams 70

3rd Jim Dykens/Brian McMulin 70

4th Mark Peterson/Daryl Peterson 70

5th Matt Otey/Rich Otey 70


B Flight

1st Chuck Cole / Sam Jones 75

2nd Rob Harmon / Tess Harmon 75

3rd Jerry Gaddis / LeAnn Quinly 75

4th Greg Golden/Sara Golden 75

5th Chris Moore/Doc Lounis 75


CTP #3 Pam Borland

CTP #6 Gary Cole

CTP #8 Gary Cole

CTP #12 Mark Whittle

CTP #17 Becca Watts

CTP In Two #4 Steve Watts

CTP In Two #18 Steve Watts